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1999-Now Supelec (Metz, FRANCE)

Ph.D candidate, Signals and Systems Group,

On image and signal processing algorithms including compression, Restoration of missing pixels in images, integer to integer wavelet transforms, adaptive and adapted filter banks, and so on... Advised by Prof. Michel BARRET and Prof. Jaques OKSMAN,


1998-1999 Laboratory of Electronic Instrumentation (Henri Poincaré University, Nancy, FRANCE)

DEA (Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies) Student, Biomedical instumentation Group

On the Reconstruction of images in ultrasonic tomography by reflexion.......Advised by Ass. Prof. Djilali KOURTICH and Prof. Mustapha NADI .


March-November 1998 SIDER Automation (Annaba, ALGERIA)

Engineer automation expert

worked in a three engeneers team on the project : Restoration of the control loops of two revolving kilns -lime factory- National Company of Iron and Steel Industry, Annaba, ALGERIA


1991-1996 Electronics institute, University of Annaba, ALGERIA

Bachelor of Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

On nondestructif testing with here for details .... Advised by M. RAMDANI